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Our printmaking studio is equipped for relief, intaglio and small-scale screen printing. When you come to Pink Line Press, you will have access to the following in our private studio atmosphere:


Charles Brand Etching Press 24"x46" with blankets

Multi-Use Ink Slab 80"x34"

Hot Plate 12"x18"

Assorted Portable Ink Slabs

Brayers 1" to 12"

Rollers 16" & 24"

Horizontal Etching Tanks with Ferric Chloride

Various Sized Monotype Plates

Full Size Drying Rack

Assorted Caligo, Akua, Gamblin and Charbonnel Inks (Water-based and Oil-Based)

Ink Knives and Scrapers

Etching Tools

Powergrip Carving Tools

Screen Printing

Vacuum Exposure Unit 18"x20"

18"x20" Metal Screens (availability not guaranteed)

Hinge Clamp Boards

Registration Pins

Squeegees 4" to 24"

Speedball Permanent Acrylic Ink

LED Light Table 24"x36"


Kelsey Model U 5"x8" Platen Press

4.5"x7.5" Boxcar Base


21" iMac with Adobe Creative Cloud

Canon Pixma Printer 13"x19"

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